Some shared Adventures of a Carer and Caree.


Even with 20-20 vision hindsight, I cannot say when it all began. Ena, some several years earlier - a score or more so, had been a bit "off-colour" and very tired, not able to eat and keep down a variety of foods. After several visits to the Doctor, it was discovered that she was sensitive to gluten and, as it later turned out, suffering from Coeliac Disease.

In those days, the diet for 'Coeliacs' was pretty boring stuff, and difficult to get hold of, because gluten is part of the structure of wheat-based foods like bread, fish (but not the chips) in 'good old fashioned' fish and chips - the 'breaded fish,' you know. Ordinary flour, used quite a lot in sauces and cakes and hamburgers, is an absolute "No, No!"

Gluten-free flour, almost by definition, does not have the innate 'stickiness' of the ordinary kind and so the best cake in the world turns out as a sort of 'currant-crumble' or 'jam squish' ... very disappointing if you like to bake your own cakes (and eat them).

Nonetheless, we soldiered on but the chronic tiredness continued, month after month, and there was obviously 'something wrong.' More and more visits to the Doctor eventually, many months later, ended with a visit to a specialist.

At that point things moved with an alarming speed. I always get a bit suspicious when the medical profession produces appointments and visits to specialists at the drop of a hat. So it was in this case. We quickly shuffled up the ladder, away from our GP, and progresed through various biopsies, including a bone marrow one, to some scans at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

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Updated: 15th August, 2015.
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