The Forest of Dean.

Local Walks



Local Walks In and around the Forest.

The Linear Park.

The day I did this little walk, it's only about half an hour, the sky had a grey glowering frown and there was a waspish wind from the North East. From the centre of Cinderford you can drop down a fairly steep hillside onto the Valley Road floor ... This has now been reclaimed into a nice little walk alongside the Cinderford Brook which, at times, fills out into some quite wide fresh water ponds. The path zig-zags and meanders across the brook by way of a couple of little wooden bridges. [Wood ? ... What else in a Forest !]

At one of the little wooden bridges I stopped and looked across the rough marshy ground - between the stream and the beginnings of a long but small pond there was a patch of reeds and bog with one or two 'Mace' plants growing in it.
You can just see the beginnings of the Industrial Park, from which the Linear Park has been carved out, and the line of telegraph poles striding off into the distance gives a sense of scale.
But in the distance ahead of you there are some trees and an isolated building ...

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