The Forest of Dean.

Local Walks



Local Walks In and around the Forest.

The Linear Park.

Ahead of you, you will see a couple of Railway Container Wagons parked in what looks suspiciously like the sidings of a little country station - But where are the Railway Station and the other buildings ?
As you get closer you can see that there is a screen of trees, the Railway Platform is grassed over - everything looks deserted and abandoned ...

Except for a single bunch of primroses growing by the platform.
Now you can see that this is the one-time railway station that was the old Ruspidge Halt. The buildings are long gone - along with the track and all that is left is this deserted platform and the sign and a couple of benches for ghosts to sit upon !
After you've got over the 'Level Crossing to Nowhere' you will have successfully reached the other end of the Cinderford Linear Park and be back to 'Civilisation'. At the main road turn Right for Coleford and Left to get back to the centre of Cinderford.

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