The Forest of Dean.

Local Walks



Local Walks In and around the Forest.

The Blue Rock Trail.

Ruspidge and Soudley Parish Council opened 'The Blue Rock Trail' in the Millenium year of 2000. One end of the Trail is in Ruspidge and the other is in Soudley, near to the Dean Heritage Museum (Map Ref: SO 664106). The starting point for this particular walk is at the main entrance to the Dean Heritage Museum. As you leave the Museum grounds turn left onto the main road (B4227) and cross over to the other side of the road so that you have a footpath to walk on.

The actual trail is gravelled and graded. It should, in my estimation, be usable for an all-terrain wheelchair with a fit pusher. Probably the most difficult parts are actually negotiating past the horizontal barrier to keep vehicles off the Trail at the Soudley End - They've left it a bit narrow there and pushing up the longish incline at the Ruspidge end.

So walk along the footpath until you see the Soudley Chapel on your right - Just after the Village School. On a Sunday you will often hear the Chapel bell calling people to the Service in the morning. You can hear it for miles when you are walking in the Forest.

Then if you stop and look out to your left into the valley you will should see the remains of the old Railway Line with the "Gate Keeper's Cottage." This old branch line went down to Lydney on the River Severn and was how most of the Coal, Stone and Iron was hauled out of the Forest ... There were a few passengers as well.

Behind the "Gate Keeper's Cottage" you can just see the Northern end of the Railway Tunnel, now bricked up for safety. There was, of course, a manually operated level crossing for the Railway to cross the 'Main Road.'

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