The Forest of Dean.

Local Walks



Local Walks In and around the Forest.

The Blue Rock Trail.

A little bit further on in the walk and you will pass the 'White Horse' on your left. If you feel like a rest it has a pleasant little garden with benches, tables and some shade on a hot Summer's afternoon.

An interesting item here is the long 'shed' at the side of the Inn (to the right of the tree in the photograph). This is one of the very few bowling alleys that are left today. The actual alley is made of wood. Sometimes, as you walk past you might well hear the rumble and clack of bowls running down the length of the alley.

Continue your sedate promenade through the village until you see the 'cul de sac' side turning on the right which is the actual Start (or End - dependent on which way you are coming ... or going) of the Blue Rock Trail.

In the first few yards of the Trail you will pass through a bit of a cutting. The rocks on each side are in layers that point almost vertically upwards. Surely evidence of some of the enormously strong and violent pressures that have helped to shape this part of the Forest. The more you walk through the Forest the more you will realise that it is very hilly with sharply cut and quite deep and steep little wooded valleys down which the little streams and rivers run.

On the far side of the cutting you will find a stretch of pleasantly sloping paddocks to your left and, behind you - almost unseen as you pass it by, a horse stable (Usually with two horses and an inquisitive donkey.). Down in the valley a bit there are often a gaggle of domestic geese. They will certainly see you even if you don't see them and they will probably set up a honking to let you and the world and his wife know that you're there !

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