The Forest of Dean.

Local Walks



Local Walks In and around the Forest.

These are some pictures of a Local Walk I did fairly recently - Down by Ruspidge, behind the football "pitch" [Anyone who has played or watched there will know that there is a distinct 15 slope so "pitch" is an appropriate word] and on down the old 'Tramway' that took the Forest Coal out of the Forest.

At the time of year the photos on this page were taken, in November, the forest has a special magic from the various colours as the leaves on the trees start to shed. They're not so dramatic as the "Fall" colours in North America - but still worth a pause and a good long look.

Of course, it's part of our Industrial Heritage - Once there were mines and quarries here, there and everywhere. You can just see the remnants of the old quarry cliff in the background - just behind the telephone wire going across the picture.

Nowadays, this once busy mining track (wide enough to take a tramcar loaded with minerals down the valley and an empty one back into the forest) is only used as a sheep containment and for 4-wheel drive access into the forest by "Sheep Badgers" (Foresters with hereditary free-grazing rights for sheep).

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