The Forest of Dean.

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Rambling In and around the Forest.

Speech House to Howlers Hill.

At 10:00 Saturday 6th January, 2007, pouring with rain, 15 members of the Forest of Dean group of the Ramblers Association (plus one pup) met in the Speech House Woodland Car Park and looked at each other. "An energetic Forest walk with several climbs offering views from the highest points and taking in Speech House Lake, Cannop Stone Works, Howlers Hill and Edge End", was on offer. Apparently we voted with our feet - because, before we knew it, we were on the move and on our way.

Some time later, rather wetter, we paused and look pensively over at the view ... ... ...

And this is what we saw ... The valley filled with mist and rain and more mist and more rain billowing down below us ... all we had to do was walk down there and through it ... ...

So we did ... and had a pleasant time "walking in the rain" until we got to "The Giant's Chair" where we all stopped and once again looked at the view. (More rain, mist and more rain).

By now, the walk was almost ended and so, inevitably, the sun started to try and shine through the misty rain. This rather nice bracket fungus was one of the small items on display ... ...

And this rather more weather beaten and elderly one as well - There might be a moral there for us walkers if we had stopped and thought about it but, by now, we had our goal in sight and rapidly finished the last bit of the walk, got in our vehicles and went home. Verdict - Wet but a most enjoyable walk - especially for the pup !

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