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We half expected an explosion of wings and squeaks and for it to zoom off into the insect laden air. But, no - It stayed there looking at us until a gloved hand was lowered into the box for it to climb onto and be raised up ready for take-off. We both knew that the bat had to take off of its own accord - you can't launch them like a glider into the air ... it doesn't work like that. I suppose it took a good 5-minutes for it to work out that it really was safe to whizz off ... so it did. A small squeak and surprisingly large wings came from somewhere and it was off. Slow zig-zags down the garden and off between the end gables of our two next-door neighbours. Glad but Sad to see it go if you know what I mean ... and both of us feeling very privileged.

Visit The Bat Conservation Trust to learn more about bats.

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