Living History
Using local slides, photographs and reminiscences.
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At the moment there are five sections:
    1) A Goodly Heritage.   4) Rosemary and Rue.
    2) Bilson Schools.      5) Slides.
    3) Photos.
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A Goodly Heritage: - For the Golden Jubilee of Cinderford WI 1978 "But the land whither ye go to possess it, is a land of hils and valleys, and drinketh water of the rains of heaven." Deuteronomy II v.11.

Bilson Schools: - A small history of the Bilson Schools of Cinderford. This was originally part of a small book produced to commemorate the life and times of the Schools upto the time of their final closure.

Photos: - A reminiscing journey through an old photo album of Cinderford lovingly collected over the years. Originals of many of these photographs are held at the Dean Heritage Museum where, with professional curatorship their gradual deterioriation will be halted and they, or copies of them, can be seen.

Rosemary & Rue: - Recollections of a Forest of Dean childhood - sprinkled with evocative memories of a largely vanished way of life from a bygone era.

Slides: - Entitled 1975 - European Architectural Heritage Year. These were originally part of a slide show created for the WI, Cinderford branch as part of their celebrations.

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