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The Forest of Dean  
Living History
Using local slides, photographs and reminiscences.

Rosemary and Rue.

Recollections of a Forest of Dean Childhood

Americans in the Forest of Dean

When war was declared on Germany in 1939 we soon felt the effects here in the Forest. In what seemed no time at all, two Forestry Companies of Royal Engineers arrived - one to Cinderford and one to Broadwell - to begin felling the timber which would be needed for the war effort.

Soon after this the shelter which our woods provided became storage for ammunition dumps - the Royal Army Ordnance Corps - and the attendant platoons of the Pioneer Corps (labourers) and the Royal Army Service Corps (maintenance of vehicles, timber transporters etc.)

We soon became accustomed to this flood of khaki which seemed almost to engulf us, and to the fact that there was hardly a village or. church hall in the area which had not been commandeered.

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