The Forest of Dean.

Hopewell Mine




Hopewell Colliery

The Tour.

This is the 'Lamp Room.' Each miner's helmet has a small bracket at the front onto which a small lamp is clipped. The lamp has a switch and, from that, a cable that leads to a battery that is clipped onto a strong buckled belt. The miner arranges the battery in a comfortable position at the back of his or her waist. There are two sizes of battery - a small tubular one that can be worn by a child or a lady and a larger one ... lead-acid like a car battery. They are plugged continuously into a 240-volt charging unit and are ready for instant use ... the Guide in charge of the Lamp Room always tests the lamps and ensures the appropriately sized helmet and lamp are correctly and comfortably fitted.
Once you've been checked for safety: Helmet fitted and on, Lamp fitted and on, Battery working and buckled securely, No loose straps, Sensible shoes or boots and ... you get the idea. Your safety is important to the Guide and to the Museum.

Once you're OK then Off You Go.


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