The Forest of Dean.

Hopewell Mine




Hopewell Colliery

The Hopewell Colliery Museum Café.

The Café is open every day from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. This is what it looks like when decorated for the Christmas festivities. During the Christmas season there is an Underground Father Christmas Grotto ... I don't think the reindeer and elves are in residence but Father Christmas ... Well, you never know !
The Café has sensibly-spaced sets of table and 4 chairs where cups of tea or coffee and sandwiches and various sensibly priced snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars are sold. Usually there is a 'real fire' in the grate, that burns coal hewn from the working part of the mine that is attached to the Hopewell Colliery Museum underground tour.
The shop sells a wide range of things (such as photographs, badges, postcards, walking and thumb-sticks, ornaments, teddy bears and books) - also at very reasonable prices. It is very popular.


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