The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days

Lightmoor Colliery.

The Lightmoor Colliery had been producing coal in the Forest of Dean since the early 1800s but was often plagued by high levels of water. A beam engine, known as The Lightmoor Beam Engine, was installed and successfully coped with keeping the lower levels of the mine free of water.

The Crawshays, at one time, successfully produced coal and incorporated the upper levels of the Colliery with workings as far away as Speech House and Cannop. Later, with the demise of coal in the Forest in general, the Colliery closed. The surface site is currently a large timber products and storage yard with only the old Engine House building being the most obvious, somewhat decaying, reminder of its earlier industrial past.

An interesting little footnote to its' history is that the old Lightmoor Colliery was used as a location for the shooting of Episode 26 of the popular science fiction series Blakes 7. That episode, " Star One," was filmed on location there to show the 'Star One' caves and part of Star One surface.

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