The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days

Littledean - St. Anthony's Well.

Situated just a short walk off the Littledean - Mitcheldean road near Greenbottom, lies St Anthony's Well, which is claimed to have magical healing powers for skin diseases.

The stream descends into the Flaxley Valley and there, amongst the trees lies the well. Many years ago somehow the well became linked with the rising of the sun, the month of May and visits being repeated to it nine times in succession. Following this procedure a person was cured, as they said, "under circumstances connected with the marvellous, its peculiar efficacy being combined with the rising of the sun, the ninth of May and the visits being repeated nine times in succession".

The square basin of stone immediately adjoining the head of the spring was made at the beginning of the century for the convenience of bathers. The water is believed to contain iron and lime, which comes from the strata through which it percolates. The usual temperature of the water is 50° (Fahrenheit).

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