The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days

Legends of Littledean.

It is really around Dean Hall, or Littledean House as it was once called, that many stories revolve.

One such incident tells of what happened there during the Civil War between King Charles I and Parliament. Corbett, a county historian, wrote as follows: "Massey, the Parliamentary Governor of Gloucester, after taking Westbury on May 7th, 1644, went to Littledean. Here the Governor's troops found the enemy straggling in the town ... Lieutenant Colonel Congrave, Governor of Newnham and a Captain Wigmore, with a few private soldiers were surrounded. These had accepted quarter, ready to render themselves, when one of their company from the house kills a trooper, which so enraged the rest that they broke in on them and put them all to the sword. Congrave died with these words 'Lord, receive my soul' and Wigmore cried nothing but 'Damn me more, damn me more'. The spot where these men fell was in Dean Hall, by the dining room fireplace".

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