The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

   Bygone Days.

Forest of Dean History History - Introduction.

Having seen and responded to an advertisement for a course in the Adult Education section of the Dene Magna School and enrolled on the appropriate evening, I was conducted to the classroom where the Tutor and nine fellow students were examining a set of giant (A3) forms.

Luckily these were, in fact, a pile of single sheets - one for each of us, with extra large print and extremely easy to fill in.

Once that "housekeeping" was out of the way, we formed small groups and introduced ourselves to each other - finishing up, each of us, standing up and informing the rest of the class about our immediate neighbour on the left - a definite 'ice-breaker' if one was needed !

The following pages are a "Rough and Ready" memory of some of what passed over the next few weeks. My thanks to the Dene Magna School Adult Education section for their assistance and to all fellow-students and staff who helped to bring some of the events, facts, events, myths and legends into focus.

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