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Sample of a tenancy agreement for a gale.

The following document has been reconstituted as a web-page item from an original held in the Dean Heritage Museum's Gage Library.

This agreement, made the first day of June 1935, between Frank R. Pardow of Abbotsford, Mellish Road, Walsall Staffs, hereinafter called the owner, of the one part & Thomas Smedley of 8, Newtown, Cinderford & George Smedley of 9, Bilson Road Cinderford herein after called the tenants of the other part.

The owner agrees to let to the tenants the Colliery undertaking known as STRIP & AT IT situated at Brierley nr Cinderford to get coal from the Twenty Inches & Crow Delf seams & known on the Crown plans as the Twenty Inches No 2 Gale. The tenancy to be for a period of five years with the option to extend for a further five years, at a weekly rental of Twenty Shillings & a Royalty of Sixpence per ton on all coal raised.

The tenancy to commence from March Ist 1935.

The owner agrees to pay Crown Royalty & Licence fees of the road to the Colliery which is within enclosed land & the tenants agree to keep such road in fair condition & pay all other outgoings. Proper books of account to be kept by the tenants & the Royalty to be paid to the owner on the sixth day of each month. The tenants agree on their part to work the coal to the best possible advantage & to continue to do so during the term of this agreement.

The Boiler may be removed from its present position to any other place on the Land & its use is included in this agreement but it must be kept in proper condition.

The owner agrees to grant an option to purchase the whole of the Twenty Inches No 2 Gale & all the Plant standing thereon except the Engine & Boiler anytime within the next five years for the sum of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS & the rent & Royalty will then cease.

If these conditions are kept & the rent & Royalty reserved are duly paid at the appointed times the tenants to have undisturbed rights to the property herein mentioned for the period of time herein granted but failure to carry out the terms & conditions shall put an end to this agreement at any time subject to the tenants receiving seven days notice that they are in default but if they remedy this defaut within the time of the notice then the agreement stands as before.

If for any reason the tenants wish to give up the Colliery & cease their work they can do so on giving one months notice & paying to the owner any monies due to the expiration of the notice leaving the working Pit & various effects in a fair condition & their liability will cease but if the terms herein set forth are duly kept the owner to have no power to end this agreement before the expiration of the time granted.

If an arrangement is come to for the sale of the colliery either by the owner or the tenants this shall be mutually agreed between the parties & the tenants compensated for any loss they shall have sustained.

Witness     James Mills              Signed.    Frank R. Parlow.
Witness     Martha Smedley           Signed.    Tom Smedley.
Witness     Ruth Smedley             Signed.    George Smedley.

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