The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days


A bit about Cinderford.

View from the main road at 
Cinderford bridge looking 
towards St. John's Parish Church The name Cinderford was first recorded in 1258, appearing as 'Sinderford' or even 'Synderford'. The name is thought to have originated from the term 'sinders' or slag left behind from the early Roman ironworks. The 'ford' would have been the crossing over the Cinderford Brook which flows from Drybrook down to Bideford Brook at Blakeney. Settlements first grew up near to where the Littledean to Speech House and Coleford road crossed the brook. In 1674 the ford was replaced by Cinderford Bridge when road improvements were made after the Civil War.

During the 17th and 18th centuries Cinderford consisted of only a few dwellings mainly around Littledean Woodside and Bilson Woodside, part of East Dean. The establishment of the first coke fired furnace in 1795 by Thomas Teague just north of Cinderford Bridge was followed by financial and other problems before the revival of the Cinderford ironworks in the 1820's and from then on the town's population grew.

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