The Forest of Dean.

Bygone Days

Bygone Days

Brookhole Coalmine.

Sometimes it was known as "Brockhole Ditches" and at other times it was known as 'Brookall Ditches.'

There was a recorded fatal accident in the mine in 1814, so that gives us an 'at-least-that-old' starting date. It was wiped off the face of the map in 2004 when the main shaft was filled in - so we have a minimum historical span of 190+ years.

During that time its recorded history is mile-stoned mainly, as were the stories of many Forest of Dean coalmines, by official records of accidents.

Edward Protheroe took over the gale in 1831 and ten years later two more shafts were dug down to the Parkend High Delf Seam and a level was used to drain out the resultant water.

A further ten years elapsed when The Gloucester Journal recorded, in 1851, that the pit caught fire: "19 April, 1851, Gloucester Journal. A most lamentable accident was discovered to have taken place on Saturday week, at the Brockhole Ditches coal pit, belonging to the Parkend Coal Company. The men, on descending the pit in the morning, found the whole underground works filled with smoke. Attempts were made to save the horses but without effect. Four valuable ones were found dead and two others, which it was impossible to get at, have undoutedly met the same fate."

By 1868 a further two fatalities had been added to the list accidents. Today all that can be seen are the remnants of some brick foundations of nameless mining buildings and the cappings of two of the shafts.

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