The Forest of Dean.





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Forestry & the Forestry Commission

The Forest Environment

The Forest Design Plan is the key management tool together with harvesting, planting and recreation site operational plans that take into account the opportunities and constraints associated with each specific area of the forest.

Regular thinning and relatively small clear felling areas, the resulting long periods of tree cover and the use of natural regeneration of the broadleaved trees contribute to the character of the Forest.

Grey squirrels are the number 1
enemy of Broadleaf & Conifer trees
in the Forest of Dean
The sustainability of the Forest environment is put under pressure by the introduced mammals fallow deer and grey squirrel. The deer are managed under the purview of the Verderers and the aim is to maintain healthy deer in balance with the forest environment. Grey squirrels find the intimate mix of broadleaves and conifers to their liking and in the late spring cause significant damage to mid-rotation trees of many species. In the past, only the thin bark hardwoods such as beech were significantly affected, but now a range of other species including oak, larch and Norway spruce are also damaged to a high degree.

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