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The intimate mix of
Community and Forest
Over 30,000 people live in and, around the Forest of Dean and for many the forest literally comes to their doorstep. The Forest is closely intertwined with the community - it can truly be referred to as the original community forest. Public awareness of the management is both high and generally well informed. "Foresters" - natives of the Dean, are intensely proud of their forest and have an inherent understanding of it as a working forest and are more than ready to involve themselves in issues of forest management.

In 1971 this involvement led to the ministerial directive about the proportion of broadleaves in the Forest; and in 1981 to the Act of Parliament excluding the Forest from Forestry Commission disposals. This is a forest where public involvement has been a way of life, and continues to be, for the managers for many years. With the disappearance of the old heavy industries, the forest became a more attractive place to live. The incomers do not necessarily have the same acceptance of forestry practices and can be more critical of change.

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