Fire & Retire !

First hand accounts from
the Napoleonic Wars.

Typical implements of a Surgeon of the period.
Journal of an Army Surgeon.
during the Peninsular War

Journal. (Preface)

The following pages contain the Journal kept by the late Charles Boutflower, Surgeon to the 40th (then the 2nd Somersetshire and now South Lancashire) Regiment, during the Peninsular War.

It has been considered better to print the Journal exactly as it was written, and any reader who might feel inclined to take offence at the views of the author will kindly bear in mind that it was written over a hundred years ago:and that any passages which might at the present date be deemed better expunged merely express the individual views of the writer at that remote date.

The reader will notice that the Journal opens up with an apology by the author which he will no doubt bear in mind.

The Journal has been printed by the author's relatives from the original by the permission of the Revd. Douglas S. Boutflower, of Christ Church, Sunderland, in whose possession the Journal now is.

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