The Memoirs and Travels

Sir John Reresby, Bart. (1634-1689)
Edited by Albert, Ivatt M.A.
Christs College Cambridge.

Travels of Sir John Reresby.


The present text is a reprint of the volume issued in 1813 as

"The Memoirs and Travels of Sir John Reresby, Bart. The former containing Anecdotes, and Secret History, of the Courts of Charles II. and James II. The latter (now first published) exhibiting a view of the Governments and Society in the Principal States and Courts of Europe during the time of Cromwell's usurpation. London: Printed for Edward Jeffery, Pall Mall, and J. Rodwell, New Bond Street."

The editor of the 1813 volume speaks, in his preface, of

"receiving from the liberal hand of Christopher Hodges, Esq. of Bramdean, in Hants, a present of the Travels of Sir John Reresby, in a fair manuscript of the time of the Author, and very probably written by his own hand, which Mr. Hodges purchased out of the library of Mr, Topham Beauclerk. The Editor, having now prefixed these Travels to the Memoirs, offers to the public a volume which may not improperly be called the Works of Sir John Reresby, as it includes all that he is known to have written."

This 1813 edition was issued in two forms, one of which was illustrated with portraits and views, plain and coloured. Its index is much fuller in respect of the Travels, then first published, than of the Memoirs, which had first appeared in 1734, and therefore, in the present issue, the index has been divided into two parts, the "copious" one which was "added" to the re-impression dated 1735 having been used for the Memoirs, and the later one for the Travels. The title-page of the first edition reads thus:

"The Memoirs of the Honourable Sir John Reresby, Bart., and last Governor of York. Containing several Private and Remarkable Transactions, from the Restoration to the Revolution Inclusively. Published from his Original Manuscript. London: Printed for Samuel Harding, Bookseller on the Pavement in St. Martin's Lane, 1734. Price 4s. 6d. bound."

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