The Diary of John Evelyn.

(Born: 1620 - Died: 1706)

The Diary of John Evelyn by John Evelyn.
The Diary of John Evelyn by John Evelyn.

Background Historical Events in the 1660-9 Decade.

1 January 1660. Samuel Pepys started his diary covering the whole of this decade.
29 May 1660. Charles II officially restored to the throne of England. Royal Oak Day (29th May) is still celebrated in some parts of England to this day.
March 1665. The Great Plague of London (Bubonic Plague) began in the parish of St Giles-in-the-Fields. Before it had ended in December 1665, a quarter of the inhabitants of London had died.
2 September 1666. The Great Fire of London destroyed two-thirds of the city.
June 1667. Dutch ships attacked, burned and took away many vessels of the English fleet at Chatham in the Medway.

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